February 15, 2013

Stay Focused

I downloaded this nice little extension for chrome called StayFocusd. It limits my internet consumption to a set time that I choose (though it threatens me with shocking kittens if I change the time too much) and doesn't let me on again after the time is up. It's only been one day of this, but I've already made dinner, caught up on Psych reading, wrote ~200 words of a rewrite on a short story and played a lot of Skyrim.

I know no one reads this blog but it is rather nice to have something to talk to. Although, I guess not no one. I assume Jess still does and perhaps Katie.

I contacted a friend in AZ today. The spring weather is helping me to think more positive and it's truly time to let go of the stupid grudge. I'm trying to get back into the habit of socializing myself. I'm a bit rusty, to say the least. Joel just kind of fell into the habit of being lazy and I followed him on down. But I'm making a list of improvements to make upon myself and hopefully cutting the internet down to very small bites during the week will help.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever truly be an Author. I would say writer, but I am a writer. I write and it's good and the few people who read me demand more. That's very nice. I would like to have something Published though. I'd also like to be well-known enough to meet Neil Gaiman and have him have heard of me at the very least. That'd be nice. I suppose that's like icing to the cake though.

I would also like a good job that makes me decent money and has benefits. Five years seems so far away for this degree.

I just looked up some jobs currently being offered and a few of the "Teen Librarian" descriptions made me so happy and hopeful. And not just because the salary figures were nice.

Anyways, I've lost focus. Ta, for now lovelies.

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